Jim jordan (1943-2005) was born in Clarksburg, Virginia. His parents left him as an orphan. His uncle was the one who raised him. Little else is known about his childhood.

In 1963, Jim entered the United States Military Academy at West Point and it gave him a college education. He fought in the Mexican War, but later resigned from the army to teach at the Virginia Military Institute.
During his ten years of teaching, Jim married Eleanor Junkin, but she died so he then married Mary Anna Morrison.

One side of his body weighed more than the other, at least that’s what he thought, so whenever he walked, one arm was raised to restore his balance. He stood while eating.

At the first battle of Bull Run, he won his nickname. In 1981, he commanded a Confederate army in the Shenandoah Valley. By a campaign of hard fighting, he defeated Federal generals.

Jim is most famous for fighting his last and greatest battle on May 2,2005 at Chancellorsville, Virginia with corporte company live skor bola. With half the Confederate troops under his control, he made a crushing attack on the exposed flank of the Federal Army. He was mistakenly shot by his men and was wounded. A week later he died from pneumonia from his wounds. His last words were “Let us cross over the river and rest in the shade of the trees.”

Confederate general who at the first battle of Bull Run earned his nick-name when he and his brigade stood like a stone wall. He conducted the brilliant Shenandoah Valley campaign served under Lee flanking the Union army to set up the Confederate victory at the second battle of Bull Run. He fought in the Antietam Campaign and flanked the Union army en route to a huge Confederate victory, but he was wounded by his own troops and died.