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Art Cycling, A Fun Combination Between Sports and Art

Cycling is often the choice of the current generation for exercise. In addition to making you sweat, cycling also makes the mind more refreshed because it comes into contact with nature. Uniquely again, now cycling activities can also be a tool to express the art you know.

Yep, with art cycling, you who claim to love art can combine time to pour your creativity with exercise time. In other words, art cycling is suitable for you who have solid activity but still want to live healthy.

Well, the art produced is from the route of the bike that you travel. You can specify the route according to the pattern of the image you want to form. The result of the pattern is called graphic work.

Because of its benefits and potential to become the latest trend, the Indonesian Digital Creative Industries Society (MIKTI) also realizes that art cycling is an opportunity to integrate technology, sports and art into an exciting and rewarding initiative.

“Usually MIKTI makes an educational event related to startup world and its participants are IT community, now MIKTI is trying to switch to general public especially bicycle lovers and sports in general so that people can feel the combination of technology, art and sport , “said Indra Purnama, Executive Director of MIKTI.

MIKTI, supported by the Ministry of Tourism and BankBRI, will holdARTCYCLING, a unique cycling race officially held for the first time in Indonesia and even in the world on December 16, 2017 at 09.00 am until December 17, 2017 at 09.00 am.

The trick is easy, the participants ARTCYCLING only need to use mobile applications provided by the committee during the race, then cycling according to the path planned in their own city.

Most Wanted Tourist Art Gallery in Seychelles

Seychelles, a beautiful country off the eastern seaboard of Africa, does not just have a pretty beach. There is an art gallery that has long been a favorite of tourists.

Here’s the Michael Adams Art Gallery at Anse Aux Poules Bleues, Mahe Island, Seychelles. The distance is 23 km from the Capital of Victoria. The invitation of Consul General Syechelles Jakarta and Sychelles Tourism Board.

Michael and his wife Heather Adam welcomed me kindly. The house is simple, but it is a painting gallery. Lots, especially watercolors. The theme is about the nature of the Seychelles and several other countries.

“I started this gallery in 1972, when I just moved to Seychelles,” Michael said.

Michael who is an original British WN, left Uganda when the cruel dictator Idi Amin came to power. Seychelles safer and Michael can work. The object of his paintings of Seychelles and other lands visited by Michael who was born in Malaysia.

“This is a place for those who want to find paintings, silk painting, black and white or postcard painting,” said Michael.

Tourists began to arrive when the gallery entered the Seychelles tourist guide book. The tourists praised his work. Michael likes his work publicly acknowledged. Even until Queen Elizabeth II gave an award for Michael.

“She (Queen) gave me a Member of the British Empire medal for my service for art and community,” he said.

Not only Michael, his wife Heather and his two children are also good at painting and their work is on display. Price paintings can be millions of dollars, but worth hunted by tourists, from large paintings, to painting the size of postcards. If traveling to Seychelles do not forget to stop by Michael Adam Art Gallery